Bega Cheese Case Study

Easy mobile access to accurate group-wide insight into safety, quality and financial performance

When Bega Cheese acquired Tatura Milk Industries and became an ASX-listed company, new management and statutory reporting requirements created a need to improve its group-level analytics capabilities.

Bega Cheese worked with PMsquare to develop and launch an analytics initiative built on IBM technologies to automatically generate detailed financial information, including a monthly interactive dashboard for its board members as well as statutory reports for the ASX.

Solution benefits:

  • Gives board members and the executive anytime, anywhere, mobile access to insight
  • Saves one day per month on board reporting
  • Saves six days per year on ASX reporting
  • Improves information quality by harnessing robust data sources

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"We're now able to supply our decision-makers with consistent, good-quality management information - not just on a few financial metrics, but across all aspects of the business."

- Sue Potts, Finance Systems Reporting Manager, Bega Cheese