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Cornerstone has entered a new National Partnership with the SCLAA. As a result all SCLAA Members can access Anaplan's Connected Planning Platform, FREE of charge, for the 60 days.

We understand many of SCLAA's members need a quick solution to plan against the ever-changing variables that impact their supply lines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cornerstone is determined to help our Members to navigate the impacts of COVID-19 by offering FREE access to the Anaplan platform at no charge for 60 days, so they can immediately forecast, plan, and adapt quickly to the crisis, as new impeding factors emerge. 

No Obligation:

There is no obligation to continue after the 60 days. Cornerstone feels the impacts of COVID-19 on Supply has led to an all-too-familiar landscape of countless spreadsheets and standalone planning applications, all leading to poor business planning, and impacting on performance and sales.

We know using Anaplan will help SCLAA Members to overcome planning complexity and will unify all business planning into a single interface, accommodating more frequent and efficient synchronization of plans across the enterprise. After the 60 days, members will have the option to continue at their contracted price or discontinue the service.  

Anaplan gives:

  • Ease of use so supply planners can easily model without support from IT department. 
  • Speed and scale to allow supply planners to quickly and reliably scale for new markets, opportunities and changes to supply lines.
  • Easy and flexible modelling to enable supply planners to change and pivot supply lines quickly and effectively. 
  • Real-time sharing of data to allow supply planners to connect and collaborate with other decision makers and departments.
  • A consistent user interface so supply planners can adopt easily, become self-sufficient and build.
  • Simple model exchange allows supply planners to run multiple what-if scenarios with simplified formula.
  • Easy cut and paste from Excel spreadsheets so supply planners can pickup in Anaplan exactly where they left off in Excel. 

Here to Help:

This offer is a starting point to help SCLAA Members adapt quickly to the changing demands and trends and other supply line challenges they are experiencing this year. Those that do decide to continue after the 60 Days will also receive a 10% SCLAA Membership Discount.

If you are drowning in data, changing variables and spreadsheets, please contact Cornerstone through the form provided. You will be using the Anaplan Connected Planning Platform free of charge within a few days.

FREE 60 Day Access for SCLAA Members