Nissan Australia Case Study

Aligning sales, marketing, supply chain and operations to boost market share with IBM Analytics

To grow its local market share, Nissan Australia must import the right vehicles at the right time to maximise available sales opportunities in each of the new-vehicle segments in which it competes.

Sophisticated supply chain modeling enables Nissan to optimise its "car flow", helping it make smarter importing decisions and tailor marketing campaigns to maximise sales of existing inventory.

Solution benefits:

  • Improves accuracy of forecasting, enabling better decision-making
  • Informs and assists import strategy, helping get the right cars to the right dealers
  • Enables smarter marketing to move existing inventory more quickly
Nissan Case Study.png


"IBM Analytics has the potential to help us transform the way we plan and improve decision-making."

- Peng Tan, GM - Finance, Nissan Australia